Ukraine'S Marta Kostyuk Opens Up On Increased Levels Of Stress, Kyiv Attacks

Marta Kostyuk from Ukraine opens up about rising stress levels, Kyiv attacks

Marta Kostyuk admits that playing tennis was much more fun for her before the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. Kostyuk, 20, has been very open about what has been happening to her country since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

Kostyuk hasn’t had any breaks this season, but he admits that playing tennis in recent months has been more difficult than ever. «It felt so good to play tennis before the war. Now it’s a different reality. Before [playing tennis] I felt a lot of stress, but it’s nothing compared to what we Ukrainians feel now.

I just hope my career doesn’t end faster because of it,» Kostyuk told Ukrainian tennis.

Kostyuk on the Kyiv attacks

Just two days after Kostyuk left Kyiv, Russia launched missile attacks on the Ukrainian capital.

This week Kostyuk is competing in Guadalajara, Mexico. On Monday, Kostyuk defeated Aliaksandra Sasnovich of Belarus 6-1 6-3. “I was very nervous these last few days. When I wake up in Mexico, he has spent most of the day there, things have already happened.

When I go to sleep, I think: Will there be a nuclear attack or what will be the next time I wake up? You never know what to expect Last Monday, the center of Kyiv was attacked. Happened 2 days after I quit, same area I’ve been to every day.

Yes, it is a war, but the combat zone is the south-east of Ukraine. This attack was only against civilians, it made no sense. Obviously, on top of that, I have my own issues, just like everyone else. [In the match vs Sasnovic] I tried to focus on different things, not that she is a player from Belarus.

I always feel responsible, I want to win those matches for my country and so on,» Kostyuk said.

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