Maria Sharapova Christmas Workout Drives Fans Crazy!

Maria Sharapova’s Christmas training makes fans crazy!

Maria Sharapova He spoke in an interview with New Beauty, and released interesting statements: “The role of a mother must come at a certain moment in your life, I felt prepared and the truth is that it was something I had always dreamed of.

I have an excellent relationship with my mother, we are very close and we share a lot, we are related and that is why I also wanted to have a son so that I could share my experiences with him. I’m excited to see him grow and I’m also learning new things.

Every day is a new day, there is always something to learn and it is a great challenge. The sporty look is also very demanding, it keeps you grounded every day. Tennis was something I wanted to do every week, beyond winning and losing.

I always had to reinvent myself and challenge myself and it just didn’t feel comfortable. I don’t know if it’s more difficult to be a tennis player or a mother, let’s just say that both roles are very demanding.»

Maria Sharapova’s Christmas training makes fans crazy!

Sharapova continues with her hard training, even after saying goodbye to tennis in 2020. A commitment that has not failed even after the birth of Theodore, her first child.

On her Instagram profile, the Siberian has published a new video in which she can be seen jumping an imaginary rope and doing other exercises for a total of half an hour, all complicated by the weights placed on her wrists.

She wrote: «A little sense of humor. Let’s be honest, I’d rather eat a Christmas cookie!» The Russian tennis player rose to No. 1 and won several Grand Slams from a very young age and at least initially seemed to be the main rival of the American champion Serena Williams.

Maria won 5 Grand Slams, triumphing in all four Grand Slam rounds, the last one at Roland Garros back in 2014. However, physical problems stopped Masha’s career and she was forced to retire, after several rounds, in the distant February of 2020.

Now, Maria is facing a new life, she is a mother and is linked to the British businessman Alexander Gilkes.

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