Michael Joyce: &Quot;Maria Sharapova Was A Bit*H For Some People&Quot;

«Maria Sharapova was a bit*h to some people»

During an interview, miguel joyceformer coach of the former Russian tennis player Maria SharapovaHe talked about what the public image of his player was, how she was hired by many people during her career. Joyce explained, «I mean a lot of people just assumed that she was the way she was just because it was the image of her.

It wasn’t very intentional and I don’t think it was something like her waking up one day and saying, well, I’m going to separate myself from all the other people. You know, coaching a lot of different people, they’re all different, they’re all wired differently, and Maria was the type that’s very competitive.

She is super competitive in tennis and pretty much everything she does. The girls didn’t get too close to her either, because they know they assume she’s a little*h or whatever.. It’s not like people are jumping to be friends with her too.

So he just went about his business.»

Maria Sharapova’s career

María has won five Grand Slam tournaments: an Australian Open, two Roland Garros, a Wimbledon, won at the age of 17, and a US Open, thus becoming one of the ten players in history to have completed the Career Grand Slam , quite a milestone. she reached June 9, 2012 with the victory of her first Roland Garros.

In addition, it has 36 individual tournaments, including the WTA Finals in 2004, and twelve Premier category tournaments. She was, for eleven consecutive years, from 2004 to 2015, the highest paid female athlete in the world.

She is the fourth player in history, behind her sisters Williams and Halep, in the ranking of career earnings through prize money: 38 million dollars. Despite her numerous injuries, she was one of the longest-serving players on the women’s circuit, having won at least one singles tournament for thirteen consecutive years.

The only victory missing from his record is the Fed Cup, where he reached the final in 2015. He retired from tennis on February 26, 2020, at the age of 32.

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