Maria Sakkari Gets Marriage Proposal From The Crowd Before Us Open

Maria Sakkari receives a marriage proposal from the crowd before the US Open

In the middle of the doubles exhibition match in which Maria Sakkari teamed up with Stefanos Tsitsipas to take on Matteo Berrettini and Katarina Zavatska, the WTA World No.3 received a marriage proposal from the crowd.

Sakkari excused herself by invoking that she already has a boyfriend.

«I have a boyfriend sorry!» Sakkari said. Since 2020, Maria Sakkari has reportedly been dating the Greek Prime Minister’s son, Konstantinos Mitsotakis.

Sakkari motivated by Tsitsipas to serve strong

During the same exhibition match, Stefanos Tsitsipas motivated his doubles partner Maria Sakkari to serve so hard that his opponent Matteo Berrettini was unable to return.

Stefanos said that if Sakkari pulls off the feat, he will donate $10,000 to the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund. You can watch the video here: Tsitsipas pays $10,000 for partner Sakkari to serve Berrettini in a big way

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