Darderi Confianza Buenos Aires

Luciano Darderi is rebuilding his confidence in Buenos Aires

Italian-Argentinian tennis player Luciano Darderi was all smiles after defeating France’s Maxime Janvier in the first round of the Challenger 75 at the Lawn Tennis Club in Buenos Aires after four consecutive defeats.

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Work and effort, two words that seem simple, but the Darderi family speaks about them very clearly and they put them into practice every week of the year. After a bit of a slump where he conceded defeats that weren’t on paper, Luciano put on his overalls, sorted out some issues and Buenos Aires Challenger got a good win Maxime Janvier por 6-3, 6-4 to rebuild trust. Those born now Villa Gesell expect Bautista Otegui or Conner Huertas del Pino in the quarterfinals.

«I came from some tournaments with a little rhythm, playing at home I had a little pressure, but I got ahead against a player who plays very fast. I have good expectations, I’m getting confidence again and I’m very happy to win the match again” commented the world No. 180.

On the other hand, the 21-year-old right-hander analyzed the struggle to maintain regularity: «It’s hard because you’re in a great position where all the players are good, and The Top 400 has a very consistent levelthe level is very high. Mentally it’s hard to maintain every week, but throughout the year you have to be physically fit and try to play several weeks a year. It’s important to practice during tournaments so you don’t lose a lot of ground«.

Goals for 2023

Luciano made a spectacular leap in 2021 and 2022 when he moved away from playing Futures ITF become a player Challengers. With a serve and a powerful forehand that, if he can improve them, are Top 100 shots, Gesellino has reached the final Saint Paul (2021), semi-finals Perugia, Iasi, San Benedetto del Tronto and Campinas (2022) and four doubles titles. At the ATP level, he reached the round of 16 this year Cordoba open from the previous step.

From an economic point of view, the Italian-Argentine achieved a certain prosperity: «We always go from tournament to tournament, My old man (Gino) and I want to be in the Top 100, but we don’t set goals. I have a good investment, in a year and a half I went from 350 to 180, which helps a lot financially. The Grand Slam rankings leave us with good moneybecause traveling and staying is always difficult, everything is very expensive, the same to play in South America«.

In 2020, Darderi was 8th in the world at the junior level, winning three titles J1 in Cuenca, Lambare and Porto Alegre. This led to him being invited by the ATP to act as a sparring partner in the final of the year’s best. o2 arena london. That’s where he trained Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadalnothing more and nothing less.

While dreaming about the future, thinking about the end of the year, young Gesellin is excited to laugh: «I would like to be in the top 100 and spend the end of the year at the Australian Open hoping to make it to the main draw.At the beginning of the season, Luli played very well on hard courts Melbourne Parkwon two games and was one step away from the majors, so the spike stuck.

I work with his father

Behind Luciano and Vito -15 years old – is always Gino, who used to compete and travel a lot in tennis. All this experience and wisdom is transferred to his children from an early age, which makes them passionate about sports.

«My old husband is a very tough guy, but he has supported us since we were little. We always have father-son arguments, but we handle them well. I am very happy that he is training me that we are achieving goals and so many things. We reached a high level togetherwhatever comes from here, welcome. He is the most important thing Vito and I havewho is small and adds experience because he is always behind us«.

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