Lorenzo Musetti Explains How Carlos Alcaraz Being No 1 Is Impacting Him

Lorenzo Musetti explains how being Carlos Alcaraz’s number 1 impacts him

Lorenzo Musetti, 20, believes that Carlos Alcaraz is number 1 in the world and it is good for him, as that way he is more motivated to work harder to achieve his tennis dreams. Alcaraz has had an impressive year as he captured his first Grand Slam at the US Open and also became the youngest No. 1 in tennis history.

Musetti, who is seen as one of the most talented and promising players in the game, also dreams of becoming a Grand Slam champion and No. 1 one day. Last summer, Musetti defeated Alcaraz in the Hamburg final for his first ATP title.

«Honestly, I am very happy for them. The fact that Carlos Alcaraz is number 1 in the world is incredible for him but also for me. On the one hand, because we are very good friends. On the other hand, because his success helped stimulate me. even more.

It motivated me to toughen up my game and my character a bit more to achieve great things in the near future,» Musetti told Eurosport.

Musetti feels he is finding ‘the balance’

World number 23 Musetti has achieved several notable results in recent weeks, most notably winning his second title in Naples.

Likewise, Musetti reached the semifinals in Sofia and Florence, while he was a quarterfinalist at the Paris Masters. “It is normal to have ups and downs on a path that leads to the top of a mountain, we had to find a balance and I think that is what I am achieving.

I am happy and proud to have done the necessary work to pass a big milestone, with the help of my team, especially on a mental level», reflected Musetti. In the Paris quarterfinals, Musetti suffered a 6-0 and 6 loss -3 against Novak Djokovic.

Musetti was unhappy afterward as he felt the performance did not reflect his form of late. «This somewhat ‘ugly’ defeat hurt me because it really doesn’t reflect what I’ve been showing in recent weeks.

But there you have it, there can be relapses. Maybe he had too many expectations in this game that he couldn’t handle, and Djokovic was very good at taking away all the certainties that he thought he had. It’s up to me to resume my trip as soon as possible,» Musetti said.

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