Ljubicic Rechacé Entrenar Top Ten

Ljubicic: «I refused to train the top ten for this project»

Croatia wants to focus on its new project. Ivan Ljubicic is working on the «Ambition 2024» project to boost French tennis.

Ljubicic played brilliantly during his tennis career, ranking third in the world and winning ten ATP titles, including the Masters 1000 at Indian Wells. After his great career, he moved to the bench and helped Roger Federer win many titles. He currently holds a position in the French Tennis Federation and is responsible for the development of the next generations. France is at the end of a great era of French players led by Tsonga, Monfils, Simon and Gasquet. Now, FFT aims to encourage younger players to try to replicate that great generation and win titles. Ljubicic spoke about his role and the state of French tennis.

about his role

«I feel welcome at FFT. I talked a lot to understand the mentality and the path the players took to reach the highest level. We need to encourage the next generations. I am happy to see that the base is very large. I am very motivated. Recently I got a request from one of the top ten players to coach. And I refused because I want to help hereYeah. We need to do more to make sure the results are different than today.»

The current situation of French tennis

«We cannot be satisfied with the level of the best French players in the ranking. We are working hard to change that. I am ambitious. I’m here to help you win Grand Slam and Olympic medals. That’s my mentality. It’s still early to see big changes, but winning a Grand Slam in the long run is not impossible. Here we have the potential to do something important. Obviously, we have trouble with the girls. We need time. I’m sure we’ll change all that.»

The article Ljubicic: «I refused to train the top ten for this project» was first published on Canal Tenis.

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