Rory Mcilory: &Quot;Liv Players Tired On Sunday...&Quot;

«Liv’s players got tired on Sunday…»

With the Ryder Cup in the background, worrying in the European ranking, the BMW PGA, the second major tournament in Europe after the British Open, starts this Thursday in Wenworth. The outskirts of London used to be a traditional meeting place and construction site.

New ideas were contributed, hope was transmitted in a circuit, then European Tour and DP World Tour, which had the accounts strangled three out of four years -it was saved when the Ryder Cup-, now the storms have arrived.

Rory McIlory, statements

The irruption of the LIV has created an absolute and internal schism between European players that has reached its peak in the BMW PGA. While Jon Rahm, without abandoning an iota of his position in favor of the PGA Tour, tempers the bagpipes and defends that perhaps there should be a different treatment for the players who have made history on the European Tour «such as Sergio, Poulter and Westwood», McIlroy has become radicalized.

The number 3 in the world, the main reference on the continent at the moment, and recent winner of the PGA Tour already warned two weeks ago that he was going to «complicate coexistence with the LIV Tour players» and when he arrived at the tournament it was clear.

In addition to acknowledging that he has distanced himself a lot from all of them, he gave his opinion about those three players who «are not the future of the Ryder Cup. We should be talking about others like Hojgaards, McIntyre…»

and did not hesitate to spill blood at random with the rebels. It was even more ironic when he told everyone about the chances of winning the big European tournament. “I will try to win the tournament no matter what. They will be quite tired on Sunday, it will be the fourth day”, alluding to the fact that only 54-hole tournaments are played at LIV.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the ring, Sergio García was also alluded to by Keith Pelley, general director of the DP World Tour, although he did not mention his name when he refuted the statements made by the golfer from Borriol in which he said that this circuit was on its way to becoming the «fifth in the world»

«It’s unbelievable that he says that. Even if it were money that measured quality, the PGA Tour would be first. And we’d be third, after LIV. We make twice as much as anyone else,» he said. she said, providing figures.

He also disputed Westwood’s claim that they were subjugated to the PGA Tour. «Can you stop talking nonsense?» Pelley intoned.

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