Lesia Tsurenko Hot

Lesia Tsurenko Hot

Counseled by Oscar Hernandez. Father, Viktor, used to work in transnational relations for a nuclear power factory( now retired); mama , Larisa, is an economist; aged family, Oxana, is counsel. Started playing tennis at age 6 when parents introduced her to the sport. Moved to Kiev at age 17.

Studied at Physical Education & Sports in Ukraine for1.5 times( no longer studying; hopes to return one day). Favorite shot is cacography. Stylish tennis memory is 2013 Australian Open. Admires Martina Hingis for her playing style; also liked watching Yevgeny Kafelnikov.

Lesia Tsurenko Tennis Beauty

Speaks Russian, Ukrainian and English. Enjoys watching sports, playing pool and hanging out with musketeers. Favorite megacity is Kiev; favorite events are Australian Open, Wimbledon and Madrid.

Lesia Tsurenko Bikini hot

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