Legendary Wimbledon Presenter Wants The Aeltc To Honor Roger Federer

Legendary Wimbledon host wants AELTC to honor Roger Federer

Sue Barker said she would like to see Wimbledon honor Roger Federer by renaming something at the All England Club. Although Federer was not a British player, throughout his career he was one of the most popular players at Wimbledon.

The level of support Federer was receiving at Wimbledon was immense and it felt like a local player was playing. Federer, who retired from professional tennis after the Laver Cup, is a record eight-time Wimbledon champion.

«I’m not sure that’s going to happen, I don’t think they’ve made one for Fred [Perry] however,» Barker said on Radio 5 Live. «They’ve really only done things for the British champions. But I hope they do something.

Maybe [renaming] part of the clubhouse? Because it’s been a big part of Wimbledon.»

Barker hopes Wimbledon will honor Federer next year

«I hope the club will pay tribute to him next year,» added Barker.

«If he were at work, he would certainly be pushing to celebrate his run at Wimbledon.» This year’s Wimbledon edition was a bit sad because, for the first time in the 21st century, The Championships took place without Federer’s participation.

This year marked the 100th anniversary of Center Court at Wimbledon. The All England Club organized a special ceremony which was attended by Federer. Addressing the crowd during his visit to Wimbledon, Federer expressed his desire to return to The Championships in 2023.

“I just tried to be successful here and represent the sport well. I hope I have done that. And I hope I can come back one more time,» Federer said in July. Unfortunately, we will not see Federer again at Wimbledon as an active player.

Shortly after this year’s Wimbledon ended, Federer realized he would have to retire because his knee was not progressing well. Federer hoped to make a final comeback this season, but unfortunately it didn’t happen.

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