Lázaro Lamens Itf Madrid

Lázaro surrenders to Lamens in Madrid

The Spanish tennis player did not achieve the third important victory of his career in Madrid. Lázaro cannot maintain a good rhythm in the last part of the match, so he loses to Suzan Lamens in three sets (6-4, 3-6, 3-6) after 2h19min of intense tennis.

Andrea Lázaro faced the third match corresponding to the new ITF W100 tournament in Madrid this May 2023. She did it after advancing in the women’s final tablewhere he would have to face a Dutch tennis player in the quarterfinals Suzan Lamens. The Spanish player came into this clash after coming out victorious in duels Tatiana Pozorova and Simona Waltert. The Dutch tennis player, on the other hand, came into this match having done the same against Miriana Tona and Dalma Galfi. Indoors against the head There is a precedent between two tennis players, and it happened in 2021. In that case, the Dutch racket wins.

Andrea Lázaro gets the first set of the match

The match started strongly for Andrea Lázaro. The Spaniard managed to win the first two sets of the match with a break. At the moment it would be Suzan Lamens who would recover the lost serve with two consecutive games that tied the match. With good shots on the right, Lázaro tripled his advantage and left the situation 5-2 to his credit. Lamens timidly tried to close the gap with two consecutive games. Finally and after the need for four setpointsAndrea judged the first set after a tight 6-4.

Suzan Lamens levels the aggregate strongly

At the start of the second period, Suzan Lamens would start to dominate the initial score. At the moment, Andrea Lázaro would answer, even if it would be of little use. For the doubles, Lamens would chain four straight games that left the score 5-1 in their favor. I would doubly try to significantly reduce the differences Lázarobut that would be insufficient. After needing three set points, Lamens broke his rival’s serve and increased his scoreboard to a fresh 6-3.

Holland’s bat rises with the last return

At the start of the third set, Suzan Lamens would again be the one to start the initial scoring. The Dutchman won the first three games of the match after the break. After that, two games in a row came from Andrea Lázaro, who narrowed the gap and regained his serve after losing it. In the same way, Lamens, who seemed to be approaching final victory, would increase his income. Shy Andrea would try to catch up, but it would be useless. Finally, and after capitalizing on their only match point, Suzan Lamens certifies her return to continue the Spanish dream. This confirmed his entry into the semi-finals of the Spanish tournament.

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