Lajovic Báez Argentina Open

Lajovic makes a great comeback against Báez

Dusan Lajovic made a remarkable comeback against Sebastián Báez in three sets (3-6, 7-6(5), 6-3) in their Argentina Open first round duel. The Serbian is Camilo Ugo Carabelli’s rival.

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Debut moment in Buenos Aires for Sebastian Baez, arriving with the Córdoba title under his arm, a somewhat unexpected conquest after many defeats in a short time to the albiceleste. In addition to being one of the ranked players of the tournament, the physical factor could play an important role in this series. His opponent in this first round was a Serb Dusan Lajovic, who made it through the qualifying stage by defeating Renzo Olivo and Felipe Meligeni Alves. Balkan is still showing some signs of his quality, albeit without the regularity he had a few seasons ago.

Lajovic kicks one of the pre-classified

The start of the match would be accompanied by a quick double change of breaks as Lajovic failed to hold serve twice to defend his advantage. The Argentine was solid at the base of the field, as much as he was able to show just a few days ago in Córdoba. Taking advantage of some errors from the Serbian, Seba managed to make another break to go up 5-3. Báez did not hesitate and won the first set 6-3.

Again at the beginning of the set he missed consecutive breaks, but in this case Báez took the lead and won 3-1. The local player could bravely take advantage of this difference, withstanding the attacks of Lajovic, who gradually improved his feelings from the bottom of the field and was encouraged to take risks. When the man from Buenos Aires won, the pressure was off and Balkan recovered from that break to silence the stadium. The definition went to a tiebreak, with Serbia better seeded. The semifinal would also be very even, but Lajovic turned the deficit, was stronger and won it 7-5.

Everything fell apart for Báez, who began to feel fatigue in his legs, which directly affected his game. Lajovic started with two breaks in a row and went 4-0. In front of the constant support of the crowd, the Argentine recovered one break, although Dusan did not lower his level. In the end, the Serb sealed his victory with a decisive 6-3.

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