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Kyrgios: «I feel pretty good»

The Australian tennis player chatted during the tennis players’ media day. Nick Kyrgios was nervous about the start of his country’s first Grand Slam tournament, gave his thoughts on his participation in the Netflix series and assessed what his 2022 was like.

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Nick Kyrgios is ready to start the 2023 season On tour in Australia. On media day, the Canberra-born player, nervous about the start of his country’s first Grand Slam tournament, went through the microphones. He also made a short assessment of his own affairs best moments in major tournaments during the past 2022 and left another review of the Netflix series, which covers everything experienced in the scope of the last season.

Know how to control your nerves

«Yeah, I mean, obviously this time of year is a lot for a player like me with pressures and expectations. I think the best players, and one example is Novak, we always have something to control. The tennis season is long.»

Very pleased with his return to the circle

«Relatively good feeling. I wouldn’t say cool, but I’m very excited to be here again. Obviously, after last year’s incredible memories of Thanas I am anxious We’ll see how things go this week.»

He didn’t have time to see himself on the screen

«I haven’t. I’ve seen the preview, of course. I’ve been too busy doing so many things off the field. getting ready for AO.

He confirms that he does not need to play many games

«I’ve always been a player who doesn’t need too many games. Last year I played 12-13 events. I felt like it was a lot of tennis. I always have to keep that in mind.»

Memories of Wimbledon 2022

“I always knew my level was there, but I’ve always had trouble doing it consistently. I think it showed me how stressful it is to get to the final.»

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