Kvitova Rusos No Jugar Wimbledon

Kvitova: «Russians and Belarusians should not play Wimbledon»

The Czech player is placed on the Ukrainian side. Petra Kvitova believes that sanctions should not be lifted at the English Grand Slam tournament or at the Olympics.

tournament draw

tournament results

Petra Kvitova is already in her first Miami Masters 1000 final and will face Elena Rybakina in a defining match. The Czech player appeared at the press conference after the victory and talked about several interesting topics. Kvitova talked about the match, which was really difficult, her next opponent and the lifting of sanctions against the Russians.

Wimbledon, Russians and Belarusians

«First of all, I have always said that I am against the war and I am more concerned about the people of Ukraine and the players. I appreciate Wimbledon accepting the difficult time they had in punishing players and not being able to award points last year. I think they shouldn’t even be allowed to play in the Olympics actually.. I think I’m a little on the side of the Ukrainians«.

about the match

«He served to end the set at 40-15, but I managed to make two good returns to turn it around. He also got nervous being so close to closing out the set, I think that was also something that was key in the match. Saving the situation gave me a big boost in the endgame and I started to serve much better, that was the key. He served very well throughout the match, so it was difficult.».

Rybakina in the final

«We’ve played twice in the last six times and we’ve won both games, we’ll see who takes it tomorrow. As you say, he’s played very well, winning Indian Wells and reaching the final here, it’s certainly a great achievement. He is a player who serves very well and hits hard, like me.. It depends on how each one manages the pressure of the match.

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