Kicker Acosta Challenger Savannah

Kicker and Díaz Acosta won Challenger Savannah

Argentinian tennis players Nicolás Kicker and Facundo Díaz Acosta reached the quarterfinals of the Challenger 75 in Savannah. Federico Gómez, on the other hand, said goodbye after passing the classification.

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Two Argentines in the quarterfinals

Nicolás Kicker He hasn’t shied away from a big year in 2023 as he struggled to get into a rhythm and racked up losses. Without a doubt, the title doubles together Federico Gomez in Tallahassee It would give him the confidence he needs. After a very prestigious debut, the Argentine faced Matteo Martineau in the quarterfinals.

Until the sixth game, the match was equal, without a clear dominance and in the center of services. After that, the Frenchman accelerated his return as he wanted to hurt with a hand, but wasted the break points he got. In the next game, Nicolás kept his cool to break and then take the lead. With an excellent reaction Matteo put the Argentinian on the ropes by cutting him twice for one to make it 4-1. However, Kicker settled down, grew a lot and collected five games to advance 6-3, 6-4. It crashes in the rooms Patrick Kypson.

Facundo Diaz Acosta He came to Savannah with the intention of honing his skills and competing for a championship. He needed to win two more matches in the tournament and for that he went against Moez Echarguiin a meeting that was interesting in terms of movement.

The first series was released for free. Almost did not accept the analysis. There was no development or controversy. The Tunisian came out to play some very aggressive tennis and the Argentinian could never let go. But things changed in the second period when Facu took risks, relaxed and started to hit the right. The break later caught up with him to damage the serve and equalize. In the deciding set, everything was even until the fourth game. There, Díaz Acosta was already in control, he was able to sort himself out mentally, he hit comfortably and sealed the comeback 0-6, 6-3, 6-4. Aziz Dougaz It will be his competition in search of the semi-finals.

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