Kasatkina Interrupts Gauff Interview To Steal Coco'S &Quot;Qualifying Energy&Quot;

Kasatkina interrupts Gauff’s interview to steal Coco’s «qualified energy»

Daria Kasatkina barged in during a Coco Gauff interview to steal some «qualifying energy» from the American, who recently earned her spot at the WTA Finals. «I was interviewing Coco Gauff and Daria Kasatkina walks up to her and puts her hand on Coco’s shoulder and she goes still.

‘I’m taking the energy of qualifying,'» tweeted WTA in-house writer Courtney Nguyen.

Coco Gauff defeated Elisabetta Cocciaretto in the first round in Guadalajara. Now, the American has to face the Italian player Martina Trevisan. Kasatkina still has hopes of qualifying for the finals.

Her next match in Guadalajara is against Anna Kalinskaya. Related: Daria Kasatkina reveals what stage she was ready for after coming out as gay.

Kasatkina feels the pressure to qualify for the WTA Finals

Daria Kasatkina admits she is feeling the pressure of knowing she has her best chance to qualify for the WTA Finals «As much as I was trying to push the idea of ​​the Finals away, to fool myself, I can’t.

I just have to accept this pressure and deal with it however I can. It is the first time that I have the opportunity to compete, not as a substitute, so it is stressful. But the way I’m doing on the court, I’m pretty happy.

I’m not in a bad position. And after this match I am in an even better position. That’s why this one was really important and now I feel like I put the heavy backpack down,» Kasatkina told WTA Insider. Kasatkina has had a good season and hopes her year will be rewarded with a first appearance at the WTA Finals.

«This pressure is good. If at the end of 2019 someone told me that in three years you’re going to have the pressure to go to the WTA Finals to play, I’d say are you kidding me? I can’t believe it. So far it’s a very good problem to have,» Kasatkina added.

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