Riera Jones Itf Guayaquil

Julia Riera won the ITF Guayaquil Championship

Argentina’s Julia Riera defeated Great Britain’s Francesca Jones 6-2, 7-5 after 1 hour 28 minutes of play in the final of the ITF W25k tournament in Guayaquil. In this way, he missed the fourth title of his career at this level.

Julia Riera She is a young Argentinian tennis player who has grown a lot in recent months and wants to break into the WTA Top 200. Last season he became the champion W25k Trieste and made it to the finals W25k Coke Jide. In addition, he reached the semi-finals Florianopolis, Annenheim -both quality-, Eupen e Ibagué. Its year 2023 began by ending Buenos Aires 1, eighth Buenos Aires 2loss in Calienter the rooms Tucuma 1 and Tucuma 2eighth Anapoima and Mosqueraand the semi-finals in Soap. Last week he won five Argentina prosper America group of BJKC and return to the playoffs. Make it to the quarterfinals Ecuador eliminated Ortenzi, Bonardi, Mendez and Sierra.

Francesca Jones He is going through a good time at the age of 22, looking for consistency and improving his tennis. The Brit was born with ectodermal dysplasia syndrome, which is caused by ectrodactyly, which means he has three fingers and a thumb on each hand, three toes on his right foot and four on his left. Last season, after reaching his best ranking (No. 149), he had to leave the field. His year 2023 started with a loss Sunderlandenter the rooms Tucuman 1eighth Tucuman 2, another round in Anapoima and Mosqueraand the semi-finals in Bogota. In Guyaqui eliminated Ccuno, Capurro, Nugroho and You.

Riera ends a great week in Ecuador

Julia Riera and Francesca Jones They faced each other to determine the prize Guayaquil ITF.

The start of the final was intense as both broke from the start to show strength and precision in their comeback. After this start, Argentina took control of the match, made good decisions, made their opponents run up the field and got two quick breaks to put themselves on top. Despite Jones trying to pressure him, Riera had no problem and took him past 6-2 in just 28 minutes.

The second moto was a real battle. The duo knew how to get ahead in every service game, pushing, running, passing a lot of balls and rallying. The Argentine survived 30 equal moments with attitude and conviction. Jones, on the other hand, wanted to open the set, but he could not do any damage on the reception and the game went longer each time. Until the eleventh set, Julia went to the front, came out to define the game, attacked with her right foot and broke her serve. After the break, Riera took the title 7-5, 6-2 after 1h58min.

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