Cerúndolo Jugará Final Tigre

Juan Manuel Cerúndolo will play the final in Tigre

The Challenger Tigre 1 final pits Juan Manuel Cerúndolo against Bolivia’s Murkel Dellien as they seek to crown the champion in the first week of the 2023 calendar.

tournament draw

tournament results

JM. Cerúndolo for Giannessi (6-3, 7-5)

John Certainly He has another opportunity to be crowned on the Challenger circuit, he will try to recover from his feelings and try to use his decision to skip Australian tournaments, such as the qualifiers for the first Grand Slam tournament of the year, to play tournaments on this circuit on clay in South America.

In his semi-final duel against the Italian Alexander Giannessi, the Argentinian was dominant from the first moment, starting to win the first set 3-0, and although the European got a break back, Juanma made a second break and then took the opener 6-3. The second round favored the youngest of the Cerúndolos even more, who took advantage of the lead to 5-1. However, Giannessi did not back down, returned breaks and saved four match points at 4-5. In any case, Juan Manuel made another break and ended up sealing the win with a 7-5 final.

M. Dellien to Villanueva (6-4, 6-0)

A somewhat more even duel would be for the Bolivians Murkel Dellien con Gonzalo Villanueva. The first set was evenly matched until the Argentinian made the first break to win 4-3. However, the young Bolivian tennis player quickly turned history around and achieved two consecutive breaks in the opening set 6-4.

After the end of the previous set, the story seemed to go completely wrong, and the Parana tennis player lost his confidence without a boost for the rest of the match. Dellien would make break after break to extend his lead and go into the finals of the tournament in Argentina. In the end, Murkel sealed his victory with a big 6-0.

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