John Mcenroe Thinks That Nowadays 'A Lot Of Players Are Too Coddled'

John McEnroe believes that nowadays ‘many players are too spoiled’

American tennis legend John McEnroe feels that players today are «too spoiled» and suggests that players often overreact after a minor hiccup. McEnroe, who has been in the game for more than five decades, believes that tennis is a game that can help a person grow and develop character.

Additionally, McEnroe suggests that bugs and glitches should be accepted by players as they are just a part of the process and eventually help in the long run. «Tennis is a game that just like you build character, sometimes you build the wrong guy.

You really have to find out for yourself and I think as a human being that helps you grow more, in my opinion. I think in a lot of cases, players are now too spoiled, and all they do is take a shot, and then they look at their coach.

One thing happens and all of a sudden they need to see a sports psychologist. I’m not saying it’s bad to see a sports psychologist, but I don’t think you should see a sports psychologist when you’re ten or twelve years old.

I mean, you are a child. He feels like he’s gotten totally out of control,» McEnroe said in Sunrise, quoted in Sportskeeda.

McEnroe feels that this generation of players is more calm, collected

Some feel that this generation of gamers is quickly losing their temper.

However, McEnroe doesn’t think that’s actually the case. «You must be watching a different tournament than me because I don’t see many players who have crises and I know something about crises given my past experience.

I’ve seen a couple of players, obviously Nick Kyrgios comes to mind, who has crises on a fairly regular basis. But for the most part, tennis players are incredibly well behaved. I would like to see a little more explosive temper, see the emotions, wear it on the sleeve,» McEnroe said.

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