Pegula Collins Wta Miami

Jessica Pegula wants more this Miami Open

The Americans’ duel ended with Pegula’s victory. Jessica has been overwhelming (6-1, 7-6 (0)) and thus continues her path to the championship.

tournament draw

tournament results

A great duel between the American players, which I expected in the third round Miami Open, Jessica Pegula vs. Daniele Collins. Jessica had just defeated Sebov in her debut, while Collins had defeated Tomova. The favorite was Pegula, even though he himself had recognized the difficulty of the match, since they knew each other very well. The two previous meetings of the head-to-head and two wins for Jessica, who was again the favorite to continue on the Miami team.

Jessica meets as a favorite

Pegula started out very focused, knowing from the start the importance of being at a high level. He quickly went 2-0. Collins tried to control Pegula, who was very comfortable at the bottom of the range with all shots. Thanks to the second break, he fell to 5-1. The bleeding of games for Pegula didn’t end there, as the rest fell to 0-40, which gave them three set points. It required no more, and that is that at the first opportunity he attained a a break that gave him a 6-1 lead in just 27 minutes.

The other sleeve was much flatter. Collins was still suffering at the beginning of the set, but saved two break points to make it 1-1. From that moment on, maximum equality with services. The party from power to power and Collins, who seemed to be more confident. Pegula never lost the initiative on the scoreboard and right after 6-5, when the break was secured, they had three match points. He took advantage of nothing and the very brave Collins saved them all by forcing sudden death. On the other hand, Pegula did not collapse and because of the powerful The draw went 7-0 and confirmed the win to continue advancing at the Miami Open.

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