Jessica Pegula looks beautiful in demin in New York

Jessica Pegula looks beautiful in demin in New York

Jessica Pegula looks beautiful in Demin in New York
© Jessica Pegula Instagram account

Jessica Pegula has posted some of the most captivating photos in Demin on her Instagram account.. A simple look but at the same time enhanced the beautiful American tennis player.

She was present in New York for this photo shoot and posted the photos on her social media account.: “Game.Set.NYC with @radkaleitmeritz and she basically told me I looked so serious!

As always, thanks @matteksands for the invite.»

Jessica at US Open 2023

Jessica reached the fourth round of the 2023 US Open.She lost to Madison Keys in an exciting match but was dominated by her opponent.

She defeated Camila Giorgis in the first round. After the game she said: «I think I played a good match. Camila is always a very difficult opponent to face. You never know what she’s going to get. She’s a great striker, a great athlete.

I knew what to do. I’ve had it many times this year, many times in my career. I knew what to do, but sometimes it depends on how you’re playing and how she’s playing. I think I was able to accomplish what I wanted to do today.

As the Italian herself admits, she was the protagonist of a good performance.

But the American was still superior in all aspects of the game: «Yeah, I think it was one of my best matches. At least in the conditions and how I hit the ball. Yeah, I mean I played well.

I had a lot of depth on my shots, which is important against her, because she’s a very aggressive player.

Yes, I think I did everything right. The only thing is that in the first set my serve didn’t work well at first, but I picked it up and served well in the second. Pegula is world number three and US number one, but all eyes will be on her countryman and young doubles partner Coco Gauff to win the US Open 2023..

The tennis player has clear thoughts on this topic.

Jessica said: «Maybe that’s a good thing. Coco can handle that pressure, maybe not me. But I don’t mind. She’s won a lot, I think that’s worth noting. She likes a lot of people, she likes New York. It’s good that many of us Americans are safe, so there’s a chance to move forward here. To have.

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