Jay Monahan On Collaboration With Dp World Tour: Interesting Changes

Jay Monahan on Collaborating with DP World Tour: Interesting Changes

jay monahan looking forward to the new changes in the PGA tour, but he hasn’t forgotten his teammates on the DP World Tour either. He wants to strengthen the relationship with them. “Our strategic alliance with the DP World Tour continues to strengthen”, Monahan said at this week’s Players Championship, quoted by golfmonthly.com «We expect him to jointly sanction the Genesis Scottish Open again along with crossover opportunities at the Barracuda Championship and the Barbasol Championship.

Our two organizations are working closely together on business opportunities, and perhaps most exciting this year is that the top 10 finishers in the DP World Tour Race to Dubai will earn Pga Tour cards for 2024.»

dp world tour and PGA tour They have big ambitions for the future.

They don’t want to stop at certain things, but they want to make even greater progress in the time to come. «Well, I think when you look at, you know, both organizations, Keith Pelley has been here, him and his team, the last three or four days.

We spend a lot of time looking at the DP World Tour calendar and the opportunities we have in the future. I’m not going to comment on that today, but when you look at what’s happened in the last two years, when you look at this year, you know, the DP World Tour is playing for $141 million in prize money, which we’re propping up.

We have made a $100 million investment in European Tour Productions. We as a team roll up our sleeves and work with Keith and his team every day on that important part of the DP World Tour business.»

PGA Tour Sponsors

PGA tour sponsors are ready to cooperate with dp world tour.

«I think what we’ve done from a joint sanction standpoint on Genesis, the two crossover opportunities that we have with Barbasol, Barracuda, if you look at the portfolio of sponsors and you look at those who share a relationship with the PGA Tour and DP World Tour, our sponsors are interested in partnering with the DP World Tour.

Have you seen any of that? I think you will continue to see more. Ultimately, as we go forward, you’re going to hear about the benefit of more opportunities because, again, I’m on that board, that’s a commitment that this organization has made to the DP World Tour and its members, and it’s very important to me. that we continue to comply with that. I think the first signs are that we are on a very good path.»

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