Emma Raducanu Cut Down On Social Media: I'Ve Been Living Under My Own Little Rock

I’ve been living under my own little rock

Emma Raducanu revealed that she decided to cut back on social media after her Australian Open exit by removing WhatsApp and Instagram from her phone. Since she won the 2021 Us Open, Raducanu has been dealing with a lot of pressure and expectations.

After suffering a second round loss to Cori Gauff in the second round of the Australian Open, Raducanu realized that reading negative comments and criticism from hecklers won’t do her any good. «After the AO [Australian Open] I deleted WhatsApp and Instagram from my phone and after that I have been living under my own little rock.

I felt like sometimes you go through times where you just want to focus on yourself, and I was very happy with my life without it. I have learned that regardless of what you do, whether you do good or bad, people will come after you anyway,» Raducanu said, according to eurosport.

Raducanu made a winning comeback in Indian Wells

On Thursday, Raducanu was playing his first match since the Australian Open. In the first round of Indian Wells, Raducanu defeated Danka Kovinic 6-2, 6-3. After battling tonsillitis and a recurring wrist injury, Raducanu considered pulling out of Indian Wells.

In the end, Raducanu made the call to play just 20 minutes before the start of the game. «I didn’t feel very good this morning. I’m very happy with the way I fought and dealt with the circumstances. I woke up not feeling very good to be honest.»

I felt pretty bad so I’m happy that I played the game and then won it despite how I felt today. Today before the game, I didn’t warm up. Two minutes before they called me, I was sleeping in the treatment room, so I’m proud to have come out and then won,» Raducanu told BBC Radio 5 Sports Extra.

Throughout the match, Raducanu was coughing between points as it was apparent he was still feeling the effects of tonsillitis.

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