Rafael Nadal: 'It'S Not Great That We Are Playing For...'

‘It’s not great that we’re playing for…’

Daniil Medvedev returns. The Russian tennis player is registered, like all the greats of the men’s circuit, in this new edition of the Australian Open, as the seventh seed of the tournament. In Melbourne, the former number one will have to defend the exciting final that he lost last year: winning by two sets, the Russian number one was surpassed by Rafael Nadal, who won the twenty-first Grand Slam title.

A crazy final, which left its mark on the winner of the 2021 Us Open. In a recent interview, in fact, according to Sportskeeda, Medvedev had said that this final was difficult to beat: «Then came this final against Rafa.

I would have liked to do better. Obviously right after a loss like that in the Australian Open final, for a few days, even a few weeks, it was tough for me. It’s complicated «In another interview with Julie Marie on her YouTube channel, she spoke again about that final in Melbourne, with a slightly different point of view from her last words.

When asked which match he would choose as the craziest of 2022, Daniil Medvedev does not have many doubts: «I had many, I mean the match against Rafa. I hated that match because I lost, but it was crazy.» However, always coming back to the Australian Open, he has other memories of crazy matches played on Australian soil.

“Honestly, the games I played against Tsitsipas, twice in the semi-finals, were crazy, because we know there is a big Greek community in Australia. I think apart from Greece it is the biggest community in the world.

When you go to the stadium, the atmosphere is crazy. I managed to win twice, so I have good memories from the semifinals”, added the Russian number one.

Nadal praised the level of the competition

Rafael Nadal praised the level of competition but pointed out flaws in the format of the inaugural United Cup.

«Putting things in perspective, this competition seems like a negative to me, you know. The competition is great. The idea is great. It’s not great that we’re playing for nothing today. I really think: it’s the first year of this competition, so those are the kind of things that need to be fixed, improved and make it more interesting for everyone,» Rafael Nadal said during a post-match press conference.

«I really believe that in a group of three, the loser of the first tie needs to play the team that hasn’t played yet, because that makes the competition much more interesting,» Nadal said.

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