'It'S Insane What Novak Djokovic Can Do In...', Says Expert

‘It’s crazy what Novak Djokovic can do in…’, says expert

Iconic Wimbledon presenter Sue Barker has revealed that Wimbledon officials were unimpressed after she decided to go slightly off script following Andy Murray’s 2013 triumph at The Championships. In the 2013 Wimbledon final, Murray defeated Novak Djokovic in straight sets to win his first Wimbledon title.

Furthermore, Murray’s victory ended Great Britain’s 77-year drought of not having a Wimbledon men’s champion, as Murray became the first Briton to win Wimbledon since Fred Perry did so in 1936. The atmosphere was absolutely electrifying after Murray’s win and Barker wanted the title. even more excited crowd.

«I’ll never forget it. I got in a big mess with Wimbledon. Because Wimbledon had asked me, in the early 2000s, to do on-court interviews and read them out loud, you know? And I have a little script where I have to say that the winner of the men’s singles trophy, whatever the year, is so and so.

And all of a sudden… I looked at Andy and he was crying, and I thought… and I could hear at Murray Mount, the crowd going crazy. There was a buzz around Center Court. I said, I can’t read this. So I said, ‘We’ve waited 77 years for this!’ I felt like I needed something and the audience went crazy.

Andy was crying again. No, that was the highlight for all of us. It was incredible. The pressure he was under, I don’t know how he did it,» Barker told Lorraine Kelly. After this year’s Wimbledon, Barker, 66, retired as presenter of the BBC’s Wimbledon coverage.

Djokovic missed two Grand Slams in 2022

Speaking to Eurosport about Novak Djokovic’s up-and-down year, Mats Wilander said: «Novak has come so close to being allowed to go to the Australian Open and so close to being allowed to go to the US Open, that he never would have affected your training blocks or your practice sessions.

And I think because he wasn’t allowed to go, I think physically it might be difficult for him to play five sets, seven matches, but he can deal with it. Am I surprised that younger guys can’t get through it? Sometimes it surprises me a bit, but it’s more Novak.

It’s crazy what he can do on the tennis court with his movement and his defense and most of all his will to win the ‘little matches’ for him who is perhaps the greatest player of all time. He finds a way to make it mean everything. I’m so impressed.»

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