Navratilova: &Quot;It'S A Difficult Time For Serena Williams&Quot;

«It’s a difficult time for Serena Williams»

In a long interview, Martina Navartilova tried to explain the mood of Serena Williams, after the 23-time Slams-winning American star’s decision to retire, likely at the end of the 2022 US Open, Navratilova said: «It’s a tough time for Serena Williams.

When I retired in 1993, I revealed to the press that this would be my last year. It was a mistake, because every tournament became a drama. Serena has announced her retirement in her own way, trusting Vogue. However, she can see that she has a hard time accepting defeat.

She wouldn’t want to end her career like that.» Navratilova thinks a fairytale ending for Serena is unlikely: «Emotions can take you to a certain point, but there’s a limit. I can’t imagine Serena’s victory at the US Open: after the last few tournaments, she rules out that she can lift the trophy in New York.

Also, knowing that she is in her last tournament will stress her out even more. We just have to wait a few days and see what he can do.»

serena’s retreat

As everyone knows by now, Serena Williams will hang up her racket after US Open 2022.

Although he has not indicated a precise date and place, everything indicates that Flushing Meadows will be the scene of his last dance. At almost 41 years old, the American legend has expressed her desire to spend more time with his family.

The 23-time Grand Slam champion has many interests other than tennis and hopes to pursue other projects. Barring a sensational backlash in New York, Serena won’t be able to match Margaret Court’s Grand Slam record.

The former WTA number 1 did not shine in Toronto or Cincinnati, recovering from two very clear defeats that certainly did not make her smile. After the beating she suffered against Emma Raducanu in Ohio, Williams quickly left the court and did not want the organizers to organize a ceremony in her honor.

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