Novak Djokovic: Is He The Man Who Breaks Every Record?

Is he the man who breaks all records?

Novak Djokovic won his 10th Australian Open, rewriting the record book once again. In addition to winning his 22nd Major, Nole returned to the top of the ATP rankings by unseating Carlos Alcaraz after a 20-week reign. Not only: in addition to having hooked his eternal rival Rafael Nadal in 22 Grand Slams, the Serbian star also took revenge after the events of last year.

We remember that Nole had to skip the last edition of the Happy Slam due to his vaccination status, being at the center of a bad drama that led to his sensational expulsion from the country. The world number 1 took advantage of the following months to recover physically and especially mentally, before beating the competition again.

The 35-year-old from Belgrade put on a true show of force at Melbourne Park, dropping just one set during the tournament and demolishing all his opponents from the round of 16 onwards.. However, Nole ended up in the eye of the storm because of her father Srdjan and the left hamstring injury she sustained in Adelaide.

Novak Djokovic: is he the man who breaks all records?

In fact, many have doubted the veracity of this physical problem. In an interview with Tennis Majors, Djokovic said that he will show medical evidence to confirm the extent of his injury.

The question everyone is asking is: is Novak Djokovi the man who breaks all records? “I feel the need to prove the truth of my injury, because some comments have bothered me a lot. Soon I will go into details and show medical evidence, not so much for the people who doubted, but for the people who supported me. .

Two years ago I had a physical problem in Australia and even there there were those who doubted it. The left knee problem was not minor, in fact I couldn’t train on rest days between one game and another. It was an exhausting process, but God’s support allowed me to continue.»

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