Nick Kyrgios: &Quot;In Doubles For More Money, So My Girlfriend Is Happy&Quot;

«In doubles for more money, so that my girlfriend is happy»

Nick Kyrgios he remains controversial when it comes to making interesting statements. The Australian tennis player is one of the most fit in the last stage and despite the not yet excellent classification, the Wimbledon final in a tournament without points has penalized him a lot, he is considered one of the last favorites to win the tournament.

The bookmakers calculate him as the first favorite for the final victory after world number one Daniil Medvedev, Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz. Despite this, Nick does not stop and continues to play non-stop, also actively participating in the doubles tournament, along with his great friend Thanasi Kokkinakis.

During the night the two defeated the atypical couple formed by Hugo Gastón and especially Lorenzo Musetti. Initially, the Italian-French duo won the first set, but the two friends and partners reacted well and thus won the match.

More than two hours into the game and some have pointed out to Nick that the doubles tournament could be partially tiring and reduce Nick’s ambitions for the singles tournament. However, Kyrgios’ response in the later game surprised him, here are his words: «Actively playing doubles that much? Honestly, I prefer double compared to training, it’s more money and my girlfriend is happy.»

The latest on Nick Kyrgios

Kyrgios’ exuberance and attitude also caused a lot of discussion during the tournament.

The tennis player received many options for what happened in the match against Bonzi where, enraged by what was happening, he spat on his box. At the end of the match, Nick explained: «I didn’t expect such a difficult game.

He played at a very high level and in the fourth I found myself 4-4 0-40. I am happy to have closed and to have avoided the fifth set. , in a Grand Slam it is of fundamental importance to save some energy. They are those typical games where the main objective is to survive.

I’m relatively happy with my current fitness, I don’t think I played a bad game, but obviously I hope to get better and better. Playing perfectly is something unreal in this sport, we all know it perfectly.

I have to lower my expectations a bit compared to Wimbledon, there are a lot of competitive players here. I have to accept that and lower my expectations.»

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