Margaret Court'S Crazy Words: &Quot;I'M Still Being Bullied By Lgbts

«I’m still being bullied by LGBT

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Telegraph newspaper, the former Australian player daisy cutwinner of 24 Slams, focused on the treatment reserved for her by the world of tennis after her retirement, after some shocking statements made against the LGBT world and against gender diversity.

She said: «I was at Wimbledon this year and hardly anyone spoke to me. I thought: Ah, interesting. It’s very sad, because a lot of press and television today, especially in tennis, don’t want to mention my name.

And if they do, it’s only because they have to, because I still have a lot of records. In 2020, she was supposed to go to Wimbledon for the 50th anniversary of the Grand Slam. But then Covid came. The French Open didn’t invite me, the US Open didn’t invite me.

I haven’t lost any sleep over it. I am still being bullied by LGBT groups. Even when I help the poor, some companies are not allowed to give things to my church because of my name. We should be able to say what we believe.»

The controversial words of Margaret Court

Margaret Court, the player with the most Grand Slam tournaments in her career, has received several criticisms in recent years for expressing drastic views on gender diversity and the LGBT issue.

The former Australian champion has stood firm against the LGBT community, which she strongly opposed at the time of the referendum on same-sex marriage. The Albury native, in one of her interviews, made a clear reference to Martina Navratilova defining women’s tennis as a sport ruined by lesbians.

Navratilova was one of the first athletes to come out. For all these reasons and despite her successes on the court, Margaret Court has never found great regard in the tennis world. Her name was often mentioned only in reaction to Serena Williams’ potential Grand Slam record.

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