Daniil Medvedev: I'M Scared Of Playing Rafael Nadal On Clay

I’m scared to play Rafael Nadal on clay.


Daniil Medvedev admits that he is afraid to play the Spaniard on clay, but added that he would somehow like to experience how it feels to play against the Spaniard on clay. Against Nadal, Medvedev has played six times and has only one win and five losses.

Additionally, all of their first six meetings came on hard surfaces. Nadal, a record 14 times at the French Open, is widely considered the best clay-court player in tennis history.

Medvedev on the possibility of playing Nadal on clay

«I didn’t play with Rafa on clay.

Rafa on clay is probably the worst and best challenge in tennis. When I say ‘worse’ it’s because he lost, how many, I don’t know, 10 games? I’m not even sure he’s lost 10. I mean, the last few years he’s been losing a little more at tournaments like Rome and Monte Carlo.

But, yes, I’ll be honest, I’m scared to play Rafa on clay. In a way I want to try, and for sure I will fight to win, but it must be scary to go out against Rafa on clay. Novak I managed to beat him several times. But again, it’s two guys who have 22 Grand Slams.

Yes, I would say, you know what? Novak in Australia is tough. I had few, I would say, I lost probably four times to him, four or five there. He didn’t win once even though some of them were close battles, especially the ATP Cup or the first time he played it at the Australian Open.

But remembering these matches, I don’t know why he plays there, in my opinion, better than on other continents or courts. But that’s hard, just like Rafa on clay, he hardly loses there. Yes, tough challenges, and I hope I can do it one day in my career,» Medvedev said, according to Musab Abid.

Meanwhile, Nadal is still recovering from a hip injury sustained in Australia.

In early March, Nadal announced his retirement from Indian Wells and Miami. In his message, Nadal did not give a clear timetable for his return, but the general belief is that the Spaniard aims to return in Monte Carlo, which begins on April 9.


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