Medvedev Mentalmente Estoy Cien

«I’m mentally one hundred percent now»

Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev combines his best version in Indian Wells. Below is their statement.

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Daniil Medvedev He started the year in a huge way, winning three titles in consecutive weeks (Rotterdam, Doha and Dubai) and showed a great recovery as he looks to go all out in 2023. Indian Wells He continues to show good tennis to reach the semifinals of the first M1000 series of the season.

Medvedev’s statements

«Mentally, I am now one hundred percent. It’s amazing, it’s very hard to get these pipes in tennis. You always have a competitor on the other side who wants to beat you. Everyone wants to be in the semis, finals and win the tournament. So it’s difficult because anyone can beat you at any time.Daniel commented.

The Russian then said, «When I was number one in the world, I felt normal. Not that I took it for granted, but that it was great. because when I was number one in the world I didn’t play at my best and I lost several games. I was #1 at 2,000 points at the US Open, 1,000 at Toronto, 600 at Bercy and almost 800 at the ATP Finals, so I scored a lot in 52 weeks. It looks good to me. If not, I’d be number one now because I’ve won three tournaments in a row.

Medvedev also said:The pressure is not easy because you know that everyone expects a lot from you. I think it taught me a lot because when I was in my 20s I was really into social media and reading comments about you, how people would tell you that you played well or that you were a bad player and from a young age you responded. And the pressure to be number one creates a lot of haters. And that’s normal. Djokovic has haters. Even Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have haters. And you ask yourself: how is that possible? You should not».

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