Iga Swiatek Suggests Wta Should Look Up To Atp When It Comes To Organizing One Event

Iga Swiatek suggests the WTA should look to the ATP when it comes to hosting an event

World No.1 Iga Swiatek suggests the WTA could learn some lessons from the ATP as she admits she would like to see more stability regarding the WTA Finals. Swiatek, 21, has made back-to-back appearances at the WTA Finals in the past two years, competing in Guadalajara last year and Fort Worth this year, respectively.

Three years ago, there was a $14 million prize money at the WTA Finals in Shenzhen. The WTA signed a 10-year contract with Shenzhen, but last year the entire Asian tour was cancelled, while for this year the WTA suspended all tournaments in China following the Peng Shuai controversy.

For this year’s edition of the WTA Finals, the prize money was $5 million. However, it should be noted that this year the WTA itself had to put up the prize money for the WTA Finals. On the ATP Tour, there is much more stability as they have a regular location for the ATP Finals.

During this year’s WTA Finals, WTA CEO Steve Simon suggested that the WTA will try to avoid one-year WTA Finals deals in the future.

Swiatek calls for more stability regarding the WTA Finals

“I have never experienced the WTA Finals, like in its prime, you know, in terms of organization and WTA, like not rushing through everything, if you know what I mean.

So I would love for the WTA to settle for next year in one place and really make it as big as it was or maybe the ATP has. But on the other hand, I understand why it happened and from a commercial point of view it’s probably difficult to do this kind of event.

But I think if the ATP can do it, we can do it. There is always talk of prize money during the ATP and WTA Finals. And it’s quite sad that the WTA has been hit by Covid and not having the place to play before and organize everything properly.

But on the other hand, you have an example in the ATP, that they were able to do everything and even increase the prize money. So hopefully by next time, we’ll be more prepared. I know that Covid happened. But on the other hand, most tournaments were able to provide even more or the same.

So hopefully next year this will change,» Swiatek explained, according to Eurosport. After going undefeated in the group stage, Swiatek suffered an upset loss to Aryna Sabalenka in the semifinal stage of the WTA Finals.

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