Iga Swiatek, Paula Badosa &Amp; Naomi Osaka Pay Tribute To Serena Williams

Iga Swiatek, Paula Badosa and Naomi Osaka also pay tribute to Serena Williams

World No.1 Iga Swiatek says Serena Williams’ legacy is «so great» as she believes the American has shown that it is possible to be a great player, but also a great mother and a successful businesswoman. Williams, 40, has had a very long and successful career.

For two decades, Williams was a dominant force on the WTA Tour. Swiatek, who is now regarded as the best player on the WTA Tour, admits that she is taking inspiration from Williams and looks forward to a long and successful career.

«Her legacy is so great. She’s shown us that it’s possible to consistently play so well for all these years and also play and have a great business and be a mother. She’s shown us that there is hope for that and for us.» .

And with hard work, you can achieve really great things. So Serena is a legend of our sport for sure,» Swiatek said in a video for the WTA.

Paula Badosa: Williams has inspired many players, including me

«She (Serena Williams) is a legend.

And she has always been so inspiring to all of us as a woman, as an athlete, as so many things. She always had so much power within her. And I think that inspired so many players and that inspires me too,» Badosa said.

Meanwhile, Naomi Osaka said she feels like she’s a part of Williams’ legacy. Osaka, a four-time Grand Slam champion and former World No. 1, says Williams has definitely played a big role in her tennis career and later success.

«I think I’m part of her legacy. If she wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be here,» Osaka said. Williams has inspired an entire generation of tennis players with her game and example. In recent weeks, Williams has received a lot of respect and recognition, not only within the tennis community, but throughout the sporting world.

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