Iga Swiatek Opens Up On Exhaustion, Pain She Felt After Us Open Final

Iga Swiatek opens up about exhaustion, pain she felt after US Open final

World No.1 Iga Swiatek revealed that her exhausted and fatigued body ached to the point that she was struggling to sleep after the US Open final. At this past US Open, Swiatek captured her third Grand Slam title and her first Grand Slam title outside of the French Open.

«The cramps were so unbearable that I could hardly sleep. During such an event there is a lot of stress. It’s not until the end that you realize how hard it was. When you are no longer forced to perform, when the adrenaline fades and the emotion cools: that’s when you feel it.

The night after the final was very difficult. Suffering without sleep, I thought to myself, that there are athletes who experience so much pain every time they play, and I felt lucky that in tennis it rarely happens. I survived and everything is fine now, however, that was one of the most difficult moments of this year.

When this season is over, I need a long vacation to fully recover,» Swiatek told sport.pl.

Swiatek: I rested enough to be able to compete in the WTA Finals

Swiatek has won eight titles this year and has made 72 appearances.

After winning the San Diego Open 10 days ago, Swiatek headed to Florida for a short break. Now, Swiatek is in Fort Worth, Texas, where she is preparing to compete in the WTA Finals. Swiatek is far from fresh, but at least she feels good enough to go racing.

«I rested 2 days in Florida and on Monday we fly to Texas. I have recovered a bit, at least to be able to play the Finals. After that, I will need a longer rest period. It takes more time to recover today .

After the Australian Open, I felt completely rested just after 2 of the 5 days I had off the court. I felt fresh and ready. This was not the case after the US Open,» Swiatek said.

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