When Roger Federer Said: &Quot;I'D Like To Play Piano For Mirka!&Quot;

«I would like to play the piano for Mirka!»

Roger Federer he will leave tennis played at the end of the next Lever Cup, and tennis has stopped since that video announcement to celebrate one of the greatest ever. Perhaps the greatest of all. But Roger Federer is not just a sum of talent, charisma and victories.

The Basel phenomenon is also a concentrate of stories, like any character.
A decision, Roger’s, inevitable and dictated by continuous physical problems. Many hoped that the Master could take the last ride on the carousel in 2023, but the former ATP number 1 realized that he could not continue.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion will not even compete at the ATP Basel, meaning he cannot face a singles match. The last two and a half years have been terrible for the 41-year-old Swiss, who has had to deal with a serious injury to his right knee.

Roger underwent three surgeries, but his physique no longer allowed him to play at high levels.

When Roger Federer said: «I would like to play the piano for Mirka!»

Roger can play the piano well. He has shown his talent on more than one occasion, and he himself admits that he likes to surprise his wife Mirka by playing the piano.

Roger said at the time: «Piano was fun, I enjoyed playing again. My parents asked me to play piano when I was younger and of course my head was stuck on tennis, so for me, piano was always It was a little bit more complicated, but being there again at the piano today was a lot of fun.

I still feel like I have it, to an extent. I still need some practice and in a second wait I would have more time to start playing the piano because maybe I would like to surprise my wife one day and play a song for her.»

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