Nick Kyrgios: 'I Want To See That He Doesn'T Like Losing'

‘I want to see that you don’t like to lose’

nick kyrgios shared a photo of his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi’s photo shoot with Bondi Sands and joked that he could take early retirement if his girlfriend «keeps making it.» «Proud of you @costeenhatzi. !»#$% early withdrawal for me maybe if you keep rocking.

Queen,» Kyrgios wrote on his Instagram Story. Hatzi, who has been with Kyrgios since late 2021, took to Instagram to share some of the photos from his photo shoot with Bondi Sands. Bondi Sands is a skin care product skin that specializes in self-tanners.

Meanwhile, Kyrgios has yet to play any tournament in 2023. After withdrawing from the United Cup and Adelaide 2, Kyrgios also withdrew from the Australian Open due to a cyst on his knee. Kyrgios underwent surgery to clean out his knee and his manager Daniel Horsfall has said in the past that they «couldn’t have asked for a better result.» «The surgery was excellent, to be honest we couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

We are all very happy, the team is ready to start, when he is ready, we will be ready. He currently wears a knee brace, he can only move up to about 70 degrees. Today we have a postoperative appointment to see how he is doing, but we have spoken almost every day with the surgeon and also with the physiotherapist.

They are very, very happy, he may be recovering faster than we expected, so that’s good news,» Horsfall told SEN Breakfast. Kyrgios’ goal is to return to action in March, at the Indian Wells Masters and Miami «He plays all year.

It is disappointing that he had this operation, but it means two things: his knee has been cleaned and he is going to come back better than ever. But also, we have this time for him to be fitter and stronger than ever.»

Nick Kyrgios recently spoke with Logan Paul

Nick Kyrgios is among the most talented players to have stepped onto the tennis courts in recent times.

«I’m definitely not, like I just, I don’t know, I’ve just been branded like that since I came on tour. Honestly, I don’t do anything crazy,» Kyrgios said. «I don’t want to approve of it, like it’s not good. I’ll put it this way, if I were watching a young man play, say, my son, for example, one day, and he’s losing, I’d rather see him get frustrated and break a racket than just take it. and hit her on the chin. I want to see that she doesn’t like to lose,» said Nick Kyrgios.

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