Nick Kyrgios: 'I Wanna Be Able To Not Be Bothered'

‘I want to be able to not be disturbed’


Stefanos Tsitsipas’s mother, Julia Apostoli, said Nick Kyrgios tried to lure the Greek into playing «dirty tennis» but her son did not know how to play the game. In the third round at Wimbledon, Tsitsipas faced Kyrgios.

After winning the first set, Tsitsipas lost the next three as Kyrgios ran away 6-7(2), 6-4, 6-3, 7-6(7). The match was charged with tension, as Tsitsipas complained several times about Kyrgios’ behaviour. Kyrgios clearly got into Tsitsipas’s head and many considered that to be the key to his victory.

After the match, Tsitsipas described Kyrgios as «an evil thug». «The only person who confuses Stefanos is Nick Kyrgios,» Apostoli was quoted as saying by Greek daily City Times. «He is the only one who takes it out of himself. In the Wimbledon match, Kyrgios decided to ignore the general rules of the sport.

The match got very weird and nervous because I was playing «dirty» tennis. Stefanos doesn’t play like that. He completely lost his temper over the behavior of his rival and lost the match without being any worse on the court.»

Tsitsipas has also had his moments with Daniil Medvedev on the pitch. But Tsitsipas’s mother believes there is no ill will between her son and Medvedev. When it comes to Kyrgios, Tsitsipas’ mother suggests that the Australian knows how to get inside his son’s head.

«I don’t think there is anything special. Daniil is such a person by nature: if he doesn’t like something, he doesn’t keep it to himself for a long time. He expresses his opinion on many things. Stefanos is more of an introvert, although it is difficult say that about him.

He had to become an extrovert by virtue of his profession. He has no negative feelings towards anyone. «The only person, perhaps, who puts him in a state of total confusion is Nick Kyrgios,» Apostoli added. After Tsitsipas described Kyrgios as an evil bully, the Australian responded by calling the Greek «soft».

Kyrgios interacted with fans.

Nick Kyrgios, the bad boy of tennis, chose Roger Federer from The Big 3 as his choice to make a movie. «The hangover with Roger Federer,» Kyrgios declared on Instagram. The Australian also shed some light on whether he would continue to play tennis when he turns 30, saying he would rather not as he wishes he was in the Bahamas.

«Honestly, probably not. I don’t want to be bothered. I’ll probably go home to the Bahamas and just sit and do nothing,» Kyrgios said.


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