Jo-Wilfried Tsonga: I Used To Pray Not To Be In The Same Part Of Draw As Andy Murray

I used to pray that I wasn’t in the same part of the draw as Andy Murray.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga admits that Andy Murray was an opponent he never wanted to face. Tsonga, a former world number 5, faced Murray 16 times during his career. In those 16 meetings, Tsonga managed to beat Murray just twice.

Tsonga got his first win over Murray when they met at the 2008 Australian Open, which was their second meeting. Tsonga’s second victory over Murray came at the Toronto Masters in 2014, when he ended up going all the way.

«It’s hard to say who is the tougher opponent, but one that gave me a hard time was Andy Murray, he beat me so many times and it was tough. Every time I watched the draw I prayed I was somewhere else,» Murray said on the ATP Tennis Radio Podcast.

Tsonga finished his professional career this year

Tsonga, 37, announced earlier this year that he would end his career after the French Open. Recently, Tsonga revealed that he felt «empty» in the first two months after retiring.

«Tennis occupied 100% of my time. All my time was dedicated to that and suddenly it’s empty. There’s nothing left, the atmosphere isn’t there anymore, the hot stadiums. It’s true that the first 2 months were a bit hard , but he’s fine now,» Tsonga said.

Tsonga never won a Grand Slam or became world number 1, but he still enjoyed a long and successful career. In the end, Tsonga was happy with his tennis journey. «The whole road was beautiful and good to live, even the difficult moments.

I cannot say that one day is better than another. The most important thing was to experience this with the people around me and to be able to share the joy and the sadness,» reflected Tsonga. In what was the last match of his career, Tsonga suffered a four-set loss to Casper Ruud at the Open in France, first round.

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