'I Think Rafael Nadal Is Going To Get There', Says Former Star

‘I think Rafael Nadal is going to get there,’ says former star


No one will ever forget the longest final in tennis history. In 2012, at the Australian Open, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal clashed mercilessly and created an epic battle at Rod Laver Arena. At the end of a match that lasted five hours and fifty-three minutes, the Serbian champion managed to win the fifth major of his career by taking the decisive fifth set with a score of 7-5, recovering from a break.

«I’m very tired. It was the toughest match I’ve ever played from a physical point of view. We played an incredible match, it was a crazy show. I really enjoyed participating in this final. It seemed like it would never end.

I looked at the clock: three hours, four hours, then five. We both try to push our limits. Novak, right now, is the best tennis player in the world, «Nadal admitted at a press conference. Djokovic himself expressed his pride at the end of the match.

«It is the biggest victory of my career. We have played almost six hours at an incredible level. I think it is the longest final in history. Just hearing this excites me. I am proud to be part of this history and to have won the most strong at Rod Laver Arena».

Nadal is currently in Argentina, where he will play an exhibition match against Casper Ruud.

Wilander talks about Nadal

Tennis legend Mats Wilander has said that Rafael Nadal still has another three to four years of his career to go.

«If you just won the Australian Open and the French Open in 2022, I’d say you’re three or four years older. I don’t care about the fact that Rafa turns 40 in four years. I don’t think it matters because they’re going to take into ‘Hey kids, I’ve been doing this now since I was 17-18,'» said the Swede.

Wilander also stated that Nadal knows what he is looking for emotionally and physically. He stated that if the Spaniard is in top form, he can enjoy more success with a bit of luck: «Rafa knows what he is looking for: he knows emotionally what he is looking for, he knows physically what he is looking for.

He knows how much he has to train to have any chance of achieving that feeling, both physically and mentally. If his injuries are okay, I think he’ll get there.


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