'I Think Novak Djokovic Should Be Able To Play But...'

«I think Novak Djokovic should be able to play, but…»

In one of the images recently published by Patrick Mouratoglou of a training session with Simona Halep, a butterfly appeared on one of the water bottles. This sign is believed to be a positive one as Australian Open 2021 champions Novak Djokovic and Naomi Osaka had butterfly encounters.

Some fans noticed the sign. «That butterfly is a good sign. In AO 2021, Naomi and Novak had run-ins with some butterflies and ended up winning,» one fan commented. «I’ve seen a butterfly. You know what it means,» said another fan.

Alongside the photo with the butterfly, Patrick Mouratoglou also posted images showing Simona Halep preparing for the US Open. «The best way to cope with the pressure of competition is the quality of the preparation,» said Mouratoglou in the images.

As for her pre-Grand-Slam performance, Simona Halep withdrew from her last match, Cincinnati’s second-round match against Veronika Kudermetova, due to a right thigh injury. Before that, Simona Halep clinched the title in Toronto, having reached three semi-finals last season on grass.

It was his first title since signing Mouratoglou in April. Mouratoglou reacted on Instagram after winning the title. «First of all, I would like to warmly thank the incredible Romanian audience in Toronto who have been so important in supporting Simona during this victorious past week,» Mouratoglou wrote on Instagram.

«Thirdly, I want to congratulate Simona. You have been an incredible competitor all week and have shown once again why you have such a relentless race. Once again, it is an honor for me to be by your side.»

Roddick comments on Djokovic

On Tuesday, Andy Roddick declared that no player or tournament will dictate government policy, referring to Novak Djokovic’s ongoing battle to enter the New York Grand Slam.

«That’s probably true. I think I should be able to play, but spamming anything related to the US Open is pointless. Throwing your toys all over Twitter won’t change government policy. A specific tennis tournament and player won’t dictate policy.» of the government». .

You can get mad at me for basic data if you need to,» he wrote. The three-time US Open champion usually posts his schedule on his website well in advance, but he hasn’t listed the US Open currently. «No events scheduled at this time.» says Djokovic’s official website.

While the sticking point throughout the ordeal has been Novak Djokovic not giving himself the COVID-19 vaccine, he was adamant about his decision not to get the injection.

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