'I Think It Will Be Really Hard To Digest 2022 For Carlos Alcaraz', Says Expert

«I think 2022 will be very difficult for Carlos Alcaraz to digest,» says expert

Spanish tennis icon Rafael Nadal called Carlos Alcaraz «someone very special» and was pleased that his country has a young player who is likely to achieve great things in the game. Alcaraz, at only 19 years old, is already a Grand Slam champion and is also the youngest number 1 in tennis history.

In 2022, Alcaraz enjoyed a very successful season and also made history in the process. Alcaraz recently became the youngest No. 1 of the year in tennis history. With Roger Federer retired and Nadal and Novak Djokovic in their thirties, tennis needs fresh faces.

Nadal, 36, believes that tennis is in good hands with Alcaraz and Casper Ruud. “There has always been a generational change. It is true that we had been missing in recent years, we were only Nadal, Carreño, Bautista, but now someone very special has arrived.

Happy to have someone very good in our country and that we enjoy it for many years. Carlos is a very different player, who aspires to be one of the best in history. He is young, he has started well, he has the potential to achieve great things and he is already achieving them.

The next generation will have to carve its way. It will take a while, stars will have to be generated, but they are on their way. There are already players of the new generation who have won Grand Slams. Here we have Casper, who has been doing important things for years.

There is a great generation of young people who are going to keep this sport very high,» Nadal said, according to Eurosport Spain. Alcaraz’s impressive rise and success is reminiscent of Nadal’s in 2005.

Wilander opens on Alcaraz

Mats Wilander has said that Carlos Alcaraz should not be compared to Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

«I think it will be very difficult to digest 2022 for Alcaraz. But I also think (coach) Juan Carlos Ferrero will know exactly what they need to do. I think there is a validation process that has to happen for Carlos.

‘Am I really number 1 in the world?’ «I mean, ‘what are you putting me as number 1 at 19? He doesn’t have to be considered the best player, but one thing is for sure: it’s a lot of fun to watch him play tennis.» when he is so good and laughs at the same time.

He is the most inspiring tennis player we have for what he did in 2022 and above all for the way he did it. Never compare him with Rafa, Roger and Novak, the way he did he had never seen anything like that», expressed the Swede.

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