Novak Djokovic: I Really Don'T Have Time, Energy Or Will To Deal With Every Story

I really don’t have the time, energy, or will to deal with every story.

Novak Djokovic is apparently protecting his peace, as he did not want to get into claims that he faked an injury on the Australian. On Wednesday, Djokovic held a press conference after a practice in Belgrade. When Djokovic called a news conference for Wednesday in Belgrade, many believed he planned to address claims that he faked an injury in Australia.

Instead, Djokovic refused to make a big deal of it. “I really don’t have the time, energy or will to deal with every story that appears on the internet, or what someone says about something. I know what is right and what is true,» Djokovic said, for tennis365.

Djokovic on his return to Australia

12 months after being denied entry at the Australian Open, Djokovic returned to Australia and won back-to-back titles at the Adelaide International and Australian Open. When asked about his return to Australia, Djokovic admitted it was challenging at first, noting that there were awkward situations at this year’s Australian Open.

Djokovic did not mention it directly, but was probably referring to some members of the media who openly accused him of faking an injury at the Australian Open. «Australia is the place of my best results when it comes to Grand Slams.

Although it was a short visit last year and I left it the way I left it, I was glad to be back. If it was more challenging than in the past when it comes to pressure off the pitch, yes absolutely, I felt that especially in the first few weeks, until I adjusted to the environment, until members of the media got used to me being there for a moment.

There were also situations during the tournament that were not pleasant for me to handle, but it is an integral part of my journey, my life and this year’s Australian Open and victory is sweeter, it fills me with more pride, considering that I went through those things on and off the court,» Djokovic said. Next week, Djokovic will return to action in Dubai.

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