Holger Rune: &Quot;I Need To Improve Around The Net&Quot;

«I need to improve in the network»

Rune Holger emerged victorious from their first round match at the Australian Open 2023. A great confrontation for the very young Danish talent, who beat the Serbian Filip Krajinovic with a final score of 6-2 6-3 6-4 and won the second round.

Rune who regularly continues his path of growth, which culminated last season with the triumph in Paris-Bercy against Novak Djokovic and is destined to improve. Speaking at the press conference, the world number 10 said that he was completely satisfied with his debut in Melbourne.

He said: «It was a great start. I took every opportunity I got. I was very aggressive, I put pressure on him, tried to play as fast as possible and forced him to run as much as I could and get him to move forward. That’s how I like to play it and it worked out.» very good.

There was a bit of tension in the third set, but I think it’s normal, it was also very hot. I was very good at concentrating quickly and I was very happy to finish in three sets.»

Holger Rune: «I need to improve on the net»

Rune, in the press conference, took an in-depth look at his game, highlighting the things he is working on with his team and the things he needs to improve on.

He said: «The offseason wasn’t very long because we were late with games. But, you know, I’m still very young, right now it’s very important to keep building myself physically and that’s what we did.» I feel very good physically, I have not had any problems.

From a tennis point of view, I think I played very aggressively. I’m working on that with the team. I want to try to be a better player at the net, volley more and be aggressive.» Finally, a comment on the Netflix series Break Point, which sums up life for tennis players even off the court: «I don’t want to be a star cinema, but I think this idea is very positive for promoting our sport and attracting new fans.

I only watched the first episode with Nick Kyrgios and I thought it was very good. For non-tennis fans, I think it’s great because you don’t just see the level and the tennis, but also life outside of tennis, you know, all the emotions, all the things that players go through. He’s very pretty and shows it off very well.»

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