Rafael Nadal: 'I Have Great Memories Of When...'

‘I have great memories of when…’

Rafael Nadal described Roger Federer’s retirement as «saying goodbye to an important part of my life.» Nadal, 36, witnessed Federer’s farewell in the Laver Cup. For the last match of his career, Federer wanted to team up with Nadal for a doubles match.

Nadal and Federer, who created one of the greatest rivalries in tennis history, have always had a very respectful relationship. When he finished his doubles match at the Laver Cup and Federer’s career came to an end, Nadal became very emotional and burst into tears.

«For the contrast of styles, personalities and affinity, and for sharing so many beautiful things on and off the court, Roger Federer’s retirement meant saying goodbye to an important part of my life,» Nadal said, according to ESPN Tennis.

In London, Federer was accompanied by his three biggest rivals: Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. While Federer and Nadal played, Djokovic and Murray supported them from the bench. When it was all over, it was Nadal that Federer had the chance to enjoy a very memorable tennis farewell.

“It has been a beautiful day, emotional, but also sad. A legend of world sports has been retired, without a doubt. He was a fellow adventurer. We share many years on the circuit and many important moments in which we compete together.

I am happy because Roger had an unforgettable night in London at his farewell, with the love of so many people around the world.»

Nadal is currently in Chile

In a recent interview with Puntobreak, Rafael Nadal has revealed that he may have found a solution to his chronic foot injury, which has changed his vision of continuity at the highest level.

“The season has had several very different phases and was totally marked by my physical problems. Everything changed when we found an effective foot treatment, which has helped me a lot. That radically changed the perspective of my continuity in high-level tennis. «Nadal said.

Rafa, who is currently in Chile on a South American tour, said he was happy to play there and had very good memories of 2013: «I am very happy to return to a country that has always given me so much love.

I have very good memories from when I was here in 2013 and I will never be able to forget my battles against Fernando González. The most important match of my career against a Chilean was the 2008 Beijing semifinals against him. I also know Nico Massú well, we’ve had good times together.»

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