Emma Raducanu: I'M Feeling Really Good, Not Stressed About Lack Of Tennis

I feel very good, I am not stressed by the lack of tennis.

British tennis player Emma Raducanu says she is fit and ready to compete at the Australian Open. 10 days ago, Raducanu suffered an ankle injury in Auckland. Then Raducanu and her team did everything they could to put the 20-year-old in position to compete at Melbourne Park.

“In the match, obviously, at that point, you’re a little worried about it. When you get close, you really don’t know what’s going on. But we have been working very hard. It has been a team effort to bring me to this place.

We have definitely sped up the process. But I feel very good and I really want to go out on the pitch. It’s just a huge, huge support for my team, really here and at home, who have helped me get to this place,» Raducanu said, according to wales online.

Raducanu ready to face Tamara Korpatsch

Earlier this week, Raducanu was practicing but without much movement or intensity. But as the week progressed, Raducanu began to increase the intensity of his practices.

Even though Raducanu is missing matches, she’s actually not too worried about it in her first round of the Australian Open. “I started practicing in the middle of the week and we have been improving little by little. But I guess I haven’t really played much tennis in my career, so I’m a bit used to it.

And I’m not that stressed from the lack of tennis,» Raducanu added. In the first round of the Australian Open, Raducanu will face 74th-ranked Korpatsch. When Raducanu and Korpatsch meet, it will be the second meeting between the two .

Last year, Raducanu needed three sets to beat Korpatsch in Stuttgart. Going into her Australian Open match, Raducanu is definitely the favorite if she’s feeling healthy. In 2023, Korpatsch has played two games and is 0-2. It remains to be seen how far Raducanu can go at the Australian Open.

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