Serena Williams: 'I Really Don'T Do Anything For Me'

‘I don’t really do anything for myself’

Serena Williams, a 23-time Grand Slam champion, says growing up in Compton gave her the ability to adapt to almost any playing condition during her career. Compton, a notorious Los Angeles neighborhood, is known for violence and gang activity.

Getting started in tennis in Compton was far from ideal, as there were no fancy tennis courts and the balls in use at the time weren’t that great either. But Serena and her sister Venus Williams were determined to make her dreams come true.

Now the Williams sisters are the tennis greats of all time and will always be remembered as some of the greatest and most inspiring players in tennis history. «If it’s not a storm, I don’t feel it. Honestly, every time I try to feel something, I go back and say, ‘Serena, you’re from Compton’ Yeah (I can adapt to anything).

Despite everything we’ve been through, I think about the greens and the dead balls, and then I literally feel nothing. But when I feel something, I always look at my training partner or my coach and say, ‘Something’s wrong’ Because if I feel it, then something’s wrong,» Williams explained during an event hosted by Wilson Tennis, according to Sportskeeda.

Williams, 41, brought his incredible career to an end after the US Open. In the last tournament of his career, Williams made some noise before leaving the tournament. In his US Open debut, Williams defeated Danka Kovinic. Subsequently, Williams defeated Anett Kontaveit, who was the second-ranked player in the world at the time.

After beating Kovinic and Kontaveit, Williams fell to Ajla Tomljanovic in three sets in the third round.

Serena Williams is the GOAT

Serena Williams opened up about experiencing mental stress during her career and how she’s learned to deal with it over the years.

«Mental fitness, for me, is just learning to tune out. You know, I did this years ago, even before mental health was a topic on everyone’s mind. It was like, okay, I’m tuning out today. Just unconsciously and it’s something I’ve always done,» said Serena Williams.

«Now that I know it’s so important to put yourself first, especially mentally. I always have closing moments. I have serious limits and I don’t let anyone cross them,» he added. «I don’t really do anything for myself and I’m terrible at it.

Over and over, I said, I’m working on it, but more or less, at least prioritizing what I need to do and then when I’m off, I’m off,» said Serena Williams.

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