'I Didn'T Think Serena Williams Started That Well', Says Atp Ace

«I didn’t think Serena Williams started so well,» says ATP ace

The importance of Tiger Woods in the sports world is also shown by the fact that Serena Williams sought his advice before making the decision to retire. Her response was interesting: «This spring I had the bug to go back to normal for the first time in seven months.

I was talking to Tiger Woods, who is a friend, and I told him I needed his advice on my tennis career,» he told Vogue. «I said, ‘I don’t know what to do: I think I’m done. but maybe I haven’t gotten over it’

He is Tiger, and he insisted that I be a beast like him! «He was like, ‘Serena, how about you give yourself two weeks? You don’t have to commit to anything. You just have to go out on the court every day for two weeks and give it your all and see what happens.» .’

At first, Serena didn’t want to listen to such advice. It was not easy to make any decision as there was a lot of pressure on her. However, after a while she decided to do it. Serena led the court. and it seems that she has regained the desire to play.

“I said, ‘Okay, I think I can do it.’ And I didn’t. But a month later, I tried it. And it felt like magic to grab a racket again. And it was good. It was really good. I was hesitating whether to play Wimbledon, and then the US Open. .»

Tiger Woods has shown many times his greatness and his willingness to help others. He is one of the most influential athletes in the sports world. Stuff like this is why he’s such a fan favorite.

Andy Murray pays tribute to Serena

Serena Williams, 23-time Grand Slam champion, has been one of the best tennis players in history.

Other than that, she has also arguably been one of the wittiest tennis stars on tour, and fans absolutely love her for it. Serena Williams crashed out of the Western and Southern Open in a 6-4, 6-0 thrashing at the hands of Emma Raducanu on Tuesday.

Andy Murray was asked for his opinion on the result during his press conference. «So on Serena’s part, yeah, I didn’t think she started off that well,» Andy Murray said. «So, you know, Emma, ​​too, going into the match would have probably felt some nerves and stuff, playing with Serena, and obviously getting off to a fast start would have loosened her up from there. She made very few mistakes and was very solid. in every sense».

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