Ons Jabeur: &Quot;I Cried After The Us Open Final&Quot;

«I cried after the US Open final»

Our Jabeur struggling to hide the disappointment after the second loss in a Grand Slam final this season but still trying to see the positive side of the matter and above all to identify the goals for the coming months.

In fact, he explained: «I will have more time to prepare for Wimbledon and the US Open next year. Now there will be the Masters, which is a kind of Mini-Slam, I still feel that I have a lot to prove. I will do it. I have no points to defend. in Australia, at Roland Garros and at Wimbledon, so I will definitely try to become number one in the world.»

He then added: «The final loss at Wimbledon was hard to digest, but even that is hard. I will sleep for a few hours in the next few days. Winning and losing is part of tennis anyway, it took me some time to win my first title.

WTA and it will probably take a little bit longer for this.»

Ons Jabeur: «I cried after the US Open final»

He told without too much fear how he reacted to the defeat in the locker room: «The first thing I did was cry.

But it was nice to get all those emotions out. Now I will enjoy these two weeks, rest and then go back to work for the last tournaments of the season. There is a tournament in Tunisia, so it will be fantastic for me.» Jabeur is redefining the concept of The first African tennis in...

, and it is from this premise that he tried to explain what it would mean to win a Grand Slam or at least stay close to the top of the ranking. She then concluded: «In terms of results, I would like to win a Grand Slam to show that it is not impossible for a woman from my country, or from my continent, to do something like that.

In the future it will surely be something I want to do, help others. My wish is that African girls always believe in themselves. I did it.»

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