'I Can Not Think About Rafael Nadal Match,' Says Alexander Zverev

«I can’t think about Rafael Nadal’s match,» says Alexander Zverev

Alexander Zverev reached the semifinals in Dubai, playing his best tournament since that terrible injury at Roland Garros last year. Alexander was happy with his campaign, winning three matches in the desert and hoping for more good results in the upcoming events. When asked about the Roland Garros semifinal against Rafael Nadal, Zverev said he couldn’t think about that match all the time and go back to what happened almost a year ago..

Instead, the German is ready for the upcoming challenges in Indian Wells and Miami. Alexander was on his way to the ATP throne last year, playing well from the second part of 2021 and earning a chance to become world number one.

1 sometime in 2022.

Alexander Zverev is back to normal after a serious ankle injury.

Zverev defeated Carlos Alcaraz in the Roland Garros quarterfinals and set up the last semifinal clash against 13-time champion Rafael Nadal.

Alexander pushed Rafa to the limit like no one before in Paris, losing 7-6, 6-6 after more than three rounds and feeling ready to fight to the end. However, the German injured his right ankle at the last point of the 12th game of the second set, retiring in tears and ruining his season.

Zverev missed the rest of the year and got off to a slow start to 2023 before showing signs of improvement in Dubai this week. He won three matches before falling to Andrey Rublev in the semifinal after getting his chances in the second set.

«I played great tennis in the second part of 2021, losing three or four matches. That was a special moment for me. At Roland Garros last year, I went into the matches against Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal thinking I could win the title .

I didn’t, and I ended up breaking as much of my ankle as I could. It was a challenging period, but things are looking better now and I’m playing decent tennis. I accepted my injury because it came at Roland Garros while I was chasing my dreams against one of the best players in the world and doing what I love.

It would have been harder to deal with if it had been skateboarding or snowboarding. He wishes it had never happened, but it did. I had to move on and do everything I could to get back to playing injury-free. We are in Dubai, and I can’t talk about what happened against Rafael Nadal last June.«Alexander Zverev said.

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