Sania Mirza: I'M Definitely Retired For Good But I'Ll Still Be Around Tennis

I am definitely retired forever, but I will still be in tennis.

The former world number 1 in doubles, Sania Mirza, has confirmed that she is permanently retired. Mirza, 36, played the final tournament of her career at this week’s Dubai Tennis Championships. Mirza initially planned to retire from her in 2022, but an injury to hers forced her to skip the US Open.

Therefore, Mirza decided to prolong his career a bit and make his last Grand Slam appearance at this year’s Australian Open. «No. No, no, it’s not,» Mirza said when asked if there was a chance to see her change her mind, for tennis majors.

Mirza: I only lengthened my career a bit because of the injury

“The only reason I kept playing was because I got injured right in the middle of last year. It’s not acceptable to me, it’s just the person I am, stopping for something.

I want to stop or I want to play because I want to play. Yes, it’s time for different things. My priorities now are different. I am truly grateful for all that I have been able to accomplish and have been able to do in my last 20 years.

It’s been a long run. I look forward to the next phase of my life,» Mirza explained. A six-time Grand Slam doubles champion, Mirza enjoyed a successful 20-year career. Now, Mirza plans to focus on other things in life, but noted that the tennis will always be a part of his life.

“I am very grateful to have so much respect. I believe that life is about new challenges, moving forward. I’ve been doing this, like I said, since 2003 professionally. I feel, as I said, a lot of gratitude today.

Being able to do this on my own terms, being able to do it when I’m playing well is great. I will still be around tennis. It’s just not competing,» Mirza said.

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